Great minds think alike. We are entrepreneurs. We complement each other and are like-minded. We intiate and create. We share, connect and unite.  Together we are much more thans the sum of our parts… Together we are the community of BulbSpaces.


As an entrepreneur you enjoy being inspired. We understand. The community of BulbSpaces is open-minded and colored richly by the diverse activities we undertake. Every day we are inspired by the people we work with, as well as the building we work in. As soon as you walk into this building you'll be overwhelmed by the beautiful industrial and ecological design. We like to plant seeds, because from small seeds big things can grow. 


BulbSpaces is situated in the middle of the bulb fields in Heemstede. Also known as the ‘best kept secret of Kennemerland’. It is a mysterious building with a rich 100-year history. This building was built as a flower bulb warehouse by the architect J. Zietsma in the geometric and organic form that characterizes the Amsterdam School of architecture. BulbSpaces honours the flower bulb with its symbolism. Sow something small and grow something big.


BulbSpaces offers (flexible) workspace from two square meters to 40 square meters or more, with a total of more then 3,250m2. We can facilitate event spaces for workshops, presentations, inspirational sessions and exhibitions.  Join the community of BulbSpaces! 



A seed today is a tree tomorrow…